Catering Menu

Vegetarian Appetizers

Crisp turnovers stuffed with potatoes & green peas.

Samosa Chaat

Samosa , onions, yogurt, cilantro, and tamarind chutney.

Assorted Vegetable Pakora

Battered and fried onions and vegetables.

Aam Palak Chaat

Fried baby spinach with diced mango, onion, cilantro, and mixed sauces.

Chat Papdi

Papdi, potatoes, chickpeas, cilantro, yogurt, mint, & tamarind sauce.

Bhel Puri

Street-style bhel puri.

Sabz Hara Kebab

Golden fried patties composed of mildly spiced vegetables and mashed potatoes. 

Gol Gappa

Mini puris – chick peas, chutneys, spiced tamarind water.

Stuffed Masala Mushroom

Mushrooms stuffed with veggie Indian spices.

Bhel Gappa

Street style bhelpuri served in Gol Gappas

Mutter Tikki

Potato patty made with spiced peas.

Gobi Manchurian

Battered and fried cauliflower in spicy Asian sauce.

Vegetable Manchurian

Battered and fried vegetables in spicy Asian sauce.

 Paneer Shashlik

Cubes of marinated and grilled cottage cheese with grilled tomatoes, onions, pineapples and green peppers.

Paneer Pakora

Battered and fried paneer in authentic Indian spices.

 Paneer Spinach Rolls

Deep fried rolls made of spinach and cottage cheese.

Vegetable Kebab

Marinated and grilled vegetables served on skewers.

Vegetable Seekh Kebab

Minced vegetable and potatoes cooked in tandoor

Hariyali Tikki

Potato and spinach patties.

Achari Vegetable Tikki

Mixed pickle flavored vegetable patties.

Tilhani Kebab

Deep fried patties made up of potatoes and spices, coated with sesame seeds.

Kaju Rolls

Deep fried rolls made of potatoes and coated with cashew nut.


Spiced ground chick peas oodles served with hummus dip.

Non Vegetarian Appetizers
Chicken Tikka

Cubes of chicken marinated overnight in tikka sauce and cooked in the tandoor (clay oven)

Murgh Malai Kebab

Cubes of chicken marinated in yogurt-based sauce and cooked in the tandoor (clay oven)

 Tandoori Shrimp

Shrimp cooked in the Tandoor (clay oven)

Pink City Machhli

Salmon marinated in Indian spices and finished in Tandoor.

Chicken Reshmi Kebab

Ground, spiced chicken cooked in the tandoor (clay oven)

Murgh Achari Tikka

Small pieces of boneless chicken, marinated with pickles and cooked in the tandoor (clay oven)

Chicken 65

Southern-style chicken battered, fried, and sautéed with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Chicken Manchurian

Ground chicken dumplings in spicy Asian sauce

Murgh Ke Suley

Chicken marinated in yogurt, brown onion paste, spices and finished in Tandoor.

Chili Chicken

Battered and fried boneless chicken chunks, cooked with bell peppers in sweet and spicy Asian sauce

Lamb Shami Kebab

Small patty of minced lamb, ground chickpeas and spices

Lamb Seekh Kebab

Ground lamb, grated onions with our house seasoning and cooked in the tandoor (clay oven)

 Chicken Afgani Tikka

Chicken cubes marinated in yogurt, lime juice, spices and finished in clay oven enhanced with black peppers

 Chicken Keema Samosa

Fried triangular pastry filled with seasoned minced chicken.

 Murgh Phanki

Chicken wings marinated in yogurt, lime juice, spices, herbs and finished in Tandoor.

 Machhli Amritsari

Deep fried fish

Vegetarian Entrees

Aloo Gobhi Mutter

Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with spices.

Aloo Methi

Potatoes cooked with fenugreek leaves.

Dum Aloo Kashmiri

Baby potatoes cooked in yogurt gravy and spices.

Aloo Baingan

Potatoes and eggplant cooked in traditional spices.

Gobhi Mutter

Cauliflower and Green peas cooked in traditional spices.

Aloo Chana

Potato and chickpeas cooked in butter, herbs, and spices.

Bhindi Masala

Okra cooked with onions and spices.

Palak Paneer

Spinach with Indian cheese

Mutter Paneer

Green peas cooked in a curry with Indian cheese.

Kadhai Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in an Indian wok with cubed onions and peppers.

Paneer Makhani Masala

Cottage cheese in tomato and onion based sauce.

Paneer Makhani

Cottage cheese cubes in savory, creamy tomato-based sauce.

Shahi Paneer

Paneer with our special cashew nut seasoning in a rich tomato-based sauce. (Kashmir Style)

Mutter Paneer Methi Malai

Cottage Cheese and green peas cooked in spiced cashew nut creamy sauce with fenugreek leaves.

Mutter Paneer Makhani

Cottage Cheese and green peas cooked in tomato creamy sauce.

Mutter Paneer Bhurjee

Grated Cottage cheese and green peas cooked with onion and tomatoes.

Paneer Madras

Cottage Cheese cooked in coconut sauce with madras curry powder.

Paneer Hara Pudina

Blend of mint, green chilies and cilantro cooked together with cottage cheese.

Paneer Kohlapuri

Cottage Cheese cooked with coconut and sesame gravy.

Mutter Mushroom

Green peas and mushroom cooked in a tomato sauce.

Mushroom Saag

Spinach with sautéed mushrooms.

Malai Kofta

Croquettes of potatoes and fresh cheese simmered in a light creamy sauce

Malai Kofta Rogni

Cottage cheese and vegetable dumpling simmered in tomato and cashew nut sauce.

Tawa Vegetables

Baby Eggplant, Okra fry, and Arbi Masala.

Bharwan Baigan         

Baby eggplants cooked with herbs and spices

Baigan Bhartha

Eggplant with onions & tomatoes

Kadhi Pakora

Fritters cooked in yogurt sauce

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Julienne vegetables cooked with spices

Navratan Korma

Garden fresh vegetables cooked in creamy sauce

Hakka Noodles

Noodles stir-fried with vegetables

Chili Paneer

Paneer cooked with bell peppers in sweet and spicy gravy.

Chana Dal Saag

Lentils in creamy spinach.

Dal Tadka

Yellow Lentils simmered with spices.

Dal Makhani

Lentils and beans gently simmered with tangy spices along with butter and cream.

Chana Masala

White chickpea curry

Chicken Entrees

Murgh Makhani

Grilled boneless chicken cooked in a rich cream tomato-based sauce.

Murgh Tikka Masala

Barbecued cubes of chicken cooked in creamy tomato and onion-based sauce.

Chicken Vindaloo

Boneless chicken cooked with potatoes in red cilli sauce with vinegar..

Chicken Hari Mirch

Boneless Chicken cooked in green chili sauce.

Chicken Saagwala

Boneless chicken cooked with fresh spinach and mustard leaves.

Palak Chicken

Chicken cooked with chopped spinach.

Chicken Curry

Boneless chicken cooked in homemade curry.

Chicken Narangi Korma

Boneless chicken cooked with nuts, orange segments, cream and fresh herbs and spices.


Chicken Chetinad

Chicken cooked in South Indian gravy.

Chicken Do Piaza

Boneless chicken curry sautéed with onions

Punjabi Dhaba Murgh

Bone-in chicken cooked in thick, spicy curry done in a Punjabi Dhaba style.

Kadhai Chicken

Chicken cooked at high heat in an Indian wok with ginger, garlic, cubed onions, and peppers. 

Nilgiri Chicken

Chicken cooked in a green curry flavored with coriander, mint, and coconut cream.

Chicken Malabari

Chicken cooked with spicy gravy and coconut cream.

Chili Chicken

Tender chunks of chicken cooked with bell peppers in spicy Indo-Chinese gravy

Lamb & Goat Entrees

Goat Curry

Goat meat cooked in a spicy curry.

Nilgiri Goat

Goat meat cooked in a green curry, flavored with coriander and coconut cream.

Lamb Saagwala

Boneless lamb cooked with chopped fresh spinach and traditional spices.

Bhuna Gosht

Boneless Lamb cooked in thick onion tomato gravy.

Lamb Keema Mutter

Minced lamb and peas cooked with tomato and onion gravy.

Lamb Ananasi Korma

Lamb cooked with mild spices in a creamy sauce with crushed pineapple.

Kadhai Lamb

Lamb cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, green peppers, fresh herbs and spices.

Lamb Seekh Kebab Masala

Minced lamb kebab with Indian spices

Lamb Do Piaza

Boneless lamb curry with sautéed onions

Lamb Badami

Boneless lamb cubes cooked in almond based gravy.

Lamb Kolhapuri

Boneless lamb cubes cooked with coconut and sesame gravy enhanced with crushed black pepper.

Lamb Vindaloo

Boneless lamb and potatoes cooked in a fiery vinegar-flavored sauce.

Lamb Roganjosh

Boneless lamb cooked in a yogurt-based curry.

Lamb Dalcha

Boneless lamb cubes cooked with Chana dal.

Lamb Chili Masala

Lamb cooked with slit whole green chilies.


Bengali Fish Masala

Pan fried fish cooked in onion, tomato, tangy and spicy curry.

Shrimp Malabari

Shrimp cooked in a creamy coconut aromatic sauce.

Mango prawn Curry

Shrimp cooked in Onion sauce with mango puree and cilantro.

Kerela Fish Curry

Darns of Fish cooked in coconut gravy flavored with curry leaves

Maharaja Shrimp Masala

Barbequed tiger shrimps prepared in exotic herbs and spices with Bell peppers and onion slices.



Leavened soft fine flour bread.

Khasta Roti
An unleavened whole-wheat bread.

Garlic Naan

Traditional soft white bread garnished with garlic.

Methi Paratha

Whole wheat bread with fenugreek leaves.

Aloo Paratha

Stuffed with potatoes green peas and spices.

Kulcha do Piaza

Delicious bread stuffed with mildly spiced onions.

Coconut Naan

Soft bread stuffed with coconut flakes.

Peshawari Kulcha

Bread stuffed with pistachio, almonds and cherry.

Keema Naan

Soft bread stuffed with spiced minced Lamb.

Paneer Kulcha

Soft bread stuffed with minced cottage cheese.

Roomali Roti

Paper-thin bread

Makki ki Roti

Flat corn Bread

Missi Roti

Mildly spiced flattened bread made of chick pea flour and whole wheat flour.


Boondi Raita

Kuchumber Raita

Dahi Raita


Hara Bhara Salad

Onion Chilli Salad

Corn Salad


Mint Sauce


Tamarind Sauce

Hot Sauce

Mango Chutney


Navrattan Biryani

Basmati rice cooked with green vegetables and fruits.

Lamb Biryani

Pieces of lamb marinated in herbs and spices and cooked with saffron basmati rice.

Murgh Biryani

Cubes of boneless chicken simmered in aromatic spices and basmati rice.

Jhinga Biryani

Shrimp marinated in lemon juice and spices, cooked with basmati rice.


Cumin flavored basmati rice.

Tamarind Rice   

Tamarind flavored basmati rice.

Lemon Rice        

Lemon flavored basmati rice enhanced with mustard seeds.

Mutter Pulao

Basmati rice steamed with green peas.

Palak Pulao

Basmati rice steamed with finely chopped fresh Spinach.

Kashmiri Pulao

Basmati rice steamed with saffron and fruits.

Tamatar Pulao

Tomato flavored basmati rice.


Masala Chai

Madras Coffee

Aam Panna

Mango Lassi

Sweet Lassi

Strawberry Lassi



Fruit Custard

Gajar Halwa

Gulab Jamun

Sooji Halwa

Badami Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Sevian Kheer(Vermicelli)

Moong Dal Halwa

Kulfi with Falooda

Shahi Tukda


Mango Phirni

Coconut Burfi

Kulfi on Stick

Coconut Jamun

South Indian

Mysoor Masala Dosa

Aloo Masala Dosa

Paneer Masala Dosa




Fruit platters

Selection of fresh fruit such as melon, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, kiwis, grapes and more.

Veggie Platters

Platters of fresh veggies such as carrots, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli

Catering Information
  1. Number of kitchen staff needed based on menu selection and variety
  2. Additional staff maybe required based on venue
  3. Kitchen staff is only responsible for handling food inside kitchen or preparation area. If additional service is required.
  4. Hot boxes and refrigeration to be provided by venue
  5. Trash removal fee must be paid by client, if required by venue
Optional (For Additional Fees) 
  1. Live Tandoor with Tandoor Chef
  2. Live equipment for on-site cooking
  3. Live Indo Chinese stations with Work